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The owners and management team of Medico Industries, Inc. are fully committed to supplying metal parts to support Department of Defense programs. Since 1967, Medico has produced over 20 million metal parts for U.S. Government Defense Programs and over 7.6 million commercial parts. Medico is a subcontractor to several defense companies including: Lockheed Martin, Alliant TechSystems and the Israeli Military Defense. The company is also a major supplier of metal parts to the oil & natural gas drilling industry and the automotive industry.

The company has recently installed manufacturing equipment in a second facility, including 9 additional presses. These presses, along with Medico’s other existing equipment have significantly increased the company’s capabilities.

Medico has played a significant part in the evolution of today’s safer and more lethal mortar. Medico has delivered over 10.5 million 60mm and 81mm mortars, conducted extensive independent research and development work to develop the process of forging and heat treating 81mm hollow shell bodies from high fragmentation (HF-1) steel (1993-1994). The lessons learned were then applied to the 60mm HE body. Medico is the only company in the world with a proven in-house capability to manufacture these mortar bodies from HF-1 steel on a production type basis.

Medico is a small, capable company whose objective is meeting the customer’s requirements; and as such, Medico has been a cost effective supplier of quality metal parts and other armament components to the Department of Defense. The governing concept behind Medico’s unique manufacturing capabilities during the past 50 years has been to take the piece to the equipment, rather than establishing dedicated production lines. Intensive management demonstrates Medico’s commitment and commitment of resources to establishing an in-house capability to make forging (hot or cold), heat treat, machine, coat, finish, inspect and ship. This commitment has enabled Medico to truly establish a flexible manufacturing facility, which economically transitioned from 300,000 60mm projectile bodies per month during the Vietnam conflict to very low requirements after the end of the Cold War and then increase to the current requirements.

Maintaining a high level of quality can only be accomplished through implementation and enforcement of a sound quality system. Medico has such a system, ISO 9001, as certified by DEKRA Certification, INC. The company is also American Petroleum Institute (API) certified.

Retention of an essential core of administrative and technical personnel has been facilitated by obtaining work from the private sector. Medico truly has a “lean and mean,” yet efficient, organizational structure and responsibilities. Organization layers are thin and few in numbers. Managers are on a first name basis with every employee. Every challenge is a team challenge, not an individual or departmental issue. Conflicts are directly discussed and promptly resolved. Every employee recognizes that each day’s time is important to timely deliveries: so, no delay – no failure to react is ever a minor event.

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In the past 50 years, Medico Industries, Inc. has delivered over 16 million projectile metal parts to the Department of Defense, and over 3 million metal parts to the automotive industry.

As a cost effective manufacturer of projectile and warhead metal parts, Medico is the sole source of supply for the hollow shell 60mm and 81mm high explosive, smoke and practice metal parts. Medico Industries, Inc. is a small business firm.

ISO 9001 Certified

Our location affords us easy access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interstate Routes 80 and 81. The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, which is designated a Foreign Trade Zone, is six miles from our plant.

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